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Saved. My. Life. Your One Stop Distance Learning Teacher Planner for Google Slides.

After saying goodnight to my boys and sitting down to watch some t.v with my hubbie (we're on a Gotham kick!), I picked up my phone for one last look at my Teachers Pay Teachers app. 


That's how Ariel started her review of my planner. Saved her life? Oh, geez!  Really!? I couldn't wait to read more. 

She explained that she's a kindergarten teacher and that if "you are looking to put your lessons for the day in a one stop shop for distance learning without multiple tabs and the hassle... it works amazingly for me. Work SMARTER not HARDER! Highly recommend for any grade. These are literally my daily student facing lesson plans."  FIVE STARS!

Ariel, if you're reading this, I can't thank you enough for sharing! This is exactly why I created this planner! Well, I created it to make MY life easier...but then knew I had to share the planner with others!  I'm not saying I cried. I'm not an overly emotional lady. But, my eyes welled up. Truth. It meant that much to me.

The planner IS one stop for your planning. Keep reading I'll and show you can easily add images, videos, and resources to make this your most useful lesson planner ever! Easy for you to guide your day and easy for your students, in-class or online, to follow along with you!

Teacher Planner for Distance Learning

How do I insert images and videos, with hyperlinks, into my Happy Pixels Digital Teacher Planner?

Watch this video as I demonstrate how you can can easily add video and images to your assignment slides. I'm a visual person and I know many of our students are, too! Bear with me as I'm new to this video editing process! Growth mindset - I will get better! My students would be proud.

Try out your first digital teacher planner for free!

Don't wait! Try out the free version to see if it's right for you. Maybe it will save your life, too!

Ariel has the Watercolour (yes, I'm Canadian and spell color with a u) Rainbow Planner. I've got dozens of other themes! Swing by my shop and check them out!

Digital Teacher Planner and Assignment Slides for Google Classroom

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